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cowboy brewing

An “old-school” stove-top coffee method that cycles boiling water through coffee grounds inside a small chamber. Some people claim the percolator produces over- extracted coffee with a poor taste, but others say it produces a rich, full bodied cup of coffee. It’s nice because it keeps coffee hot for longer periods of time without burning it and it’s ideal if you’re making coffee for company or out on the range.

Step 1

Measure the cold water (approximately 6-8 ounces of water per cup) and pour the water into the bottom chamber.

Step 2

Add the coffee to the top chamber (2 tsp of coarse ground coffee per cup).

Step 3

Place the percolator on the stove, or other heat source, and heat up gradually.

Step 4

Wait for the liquid in the bottom dome to begin bubbling or “perking,” which means it is when it’s ready to drink.

**If you’re using a manual percolator, remove it from the heat at this point to avoid burning the coffee.

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